The Irish Snail Farm Ltd was established in 2014. We are a family run business, set on the Carlow Wicklow border. The Irish climate of mild, damp weather suits snails perfectly. We provide Irish grown snail meat and caviar for both restaurants and people who have a love for Escargot. Snails are high in protein and low in fat, full of flavour and an excellent addition to any menu.

We are passionate about snails and committed to producing snails of the highest quality possible, while ensuring they have a happy life. Our snails are free-range and follow the natural life cycle where possible. They are grown outdoors and fed a varied diet of plant material, fresh vegetables and a carefully balanced specialised feed. This gives our snails a flavour that cannot be attained by intensive farming.

By working with both the FSAI and the Department of Agriculture and meeting all their requirements we produce the highest quality product possible. Our snails are bred, reared and processed here on our farm by us. When you purchase snails from us they will arrive cleaned, deshelled, purged of impurities, and blanched ready for final cooking. Our Snails are fully traceable and regularly tested for E.coli and salmonella.

We can also offer guidance and support for others interested in snail farming.

If you would like any more information on our products or to learn more about snail farming please email us at